Home remedies to remove dark circles and wrinkles

remove dark circles and wrinkles
Eyes are not only precious gifts for our lives, but it also plays a very important role in our beauty. The dark circles under the eyes can reduce the beauty of anyone. They show your face tired and dull These dark circles say a lot about your health.
The Dark Circle can be anyone. Try to hide anything by this make-up, but this stain does not hide. There are unique health tips to remove the dark circles and the surrounding dark circles. Whom you can use
For this, take a drop of ghee and place it around your eyes and massage with light hands. Leave it for the night and wake up in the morning and wash the face. Regularly doing this for a few days will result in better results.
With the help of rose water, you can get rid of the dark circle problem. Keep the soaked cotton wool in the rose water on the eyes closed on the eyes. Do this for only 10 minutes. Doing so will make the skin around the eyes shine.
Potatoes can also be used to remove dark circles. Mix potato juice with some drops of lemon. Applying this mixture under cotton eyes with the help of cotton will end black circles.
Olive oil is very beneficial in many problems related to beauty. With this, massage with light hands around the eyes, it improves blood circulation and reduces the fatigue of the eyes, removing the problem of dark circles.

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