What to eat and what not to eat in summer

what to eat in summer

Just as the weather changes its color in summer, similarly a lot of changes start taking place in our body too. Apart from restlessness, nervousness, lethargy, stomach related problems are common in this season. Due to rising temperatures, many seasonal diseases also show their effect. Therefore, you should take great care of your diet in this season. You should make your diet chart first thing after getting up in the morning. Which you follow throughout the day. If you control the diet, then you can get rid of problems like restlessness and lethargy.

In the summer season, eating more fried or more spicy food has a bad effect on our body. This type of food spoils our digestive power. Due to this, you may have to face many problems. You can also be a victim of food poisoning. Food in summer should be light and easily digestible. In this season our body needs water the most, so always keep a bottle of water with you and keep drinking water at short intervals. Let us know how to eat in this season and how to keep yourself fit.

Drink plenty of water

We should drink plenty of water in the summer season because in summer our body sweats due to which there is a risk of dehydration. Drink one to one and a half glasses of water first thing in the morning. Try to drink more and more water throughout the day. If you are not able to drink together, then drink water after a while. Due to this, all the dirt comes out from the body and the digestive system is also fine.

Always eat fresh food

Never eat stale food in summer. Always eat fresh food. Vegetables and pulses get spoiled quickly in this season. Apart from this, only digestible food should be eaten in summer. Too much rich food can be harmful in this season. The risk of food poisoning is high in summer. So eat only fresh food.

Vitamin B rich diet

A diet rich in vitamin B should be taken in summer,This keeps the body fit and fit, as well as provides relief in muscle pain and fatigue.

Must eat salad and sprouts

The more fiber you eat during the summer season, the better it is for your health. Eat salad or sprouts in food, it strengthens muscles and does not cause stomach problems.

Don’t stay empty stomach for long

Staying empty stomach for a long time in summer leads to a lack of nutrients in the body. Due to which there is a fear of getting many diseases along with weakness. Therefore, try to eat food early in the morning. Always keep in mind that sometimes eating too much food at once is injurious to health. That’s why a little food should be eaten every two hours.

Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables In summer, the body remains fit and fresh by consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is beneficial to eat watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, cucumber, phalsa, pineapple, mosambi, and litchi. Due to this, there will be no shortage of water in the body. Apart from this, green vegetables like Gourd, Luffa, Bhindi, Tinder should be eaten. It also fulfills the nutrients needed to stay healthy in summer.

Stay away from coffee and tea

Reduce the intake of tea and coffee. Caffeine increases dehydration in the body. Instead, include juice, curd, lassi, whey, sattu, lemonade, mango pana, bel sherbet, coconut water, sugarcane juice, etc. in your diet.

What not to eat?

  • Do not eat too much fried, spicy food.
  • Stay away from eating high in fat.
  • Stay away from caffeine, which increases dehydration.
  • Eat sweets at least in summer.
  • Do not eat stale food, fear of food poisoning.
  • Don’t even ask to eat in restaurants, dhabas.
  • Avoid eating processed and packaged food.
  • Cut down on taking non-veg food.

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