5 Simple Yogasanas to Keep Teeth Healthy

Teeth Healthy

Which yoga asanas are beneficial for teeth? Like other diseases of the body, for problems related to teeth, you can do Sheetkari, Sheetali, Sarvangasana, Apana Mudra, Vata Nashak Mudra, etc. People who have other problems including gum problem pyorrhea or tooth decay or pain in the gums should do yoga along with treatment. With the help of yoga, you will be able to maintain oral hygiene. The effect of tooth decay also affects other organs, so you should get checked and treated by a doctor from time to time, as well as do easy yoga asanas.

Try Sheetkari Pranayama to make teeth healthy

There is yoga for other diseases, in the same way, yoga is beneficial for the health of teeth. One of these is Sheetkari Pranayama. Dr. Ravindra Kumar told that by doing Sheetkari Pranayama, you can reduce the chances of tooth decay. This pranayama is also considered beneficial for the gums. Let’s know how to do it.

How to do Sheetkari Pranayama:

Teeth Healthy
  • Sit comfortably on the ground or on the mat.
  • You open your lips.
  • You have to make the sound of C-C from your lips.
  • During this, inhale the breath and release it slowly through the nose.
  • You can repeat Sheetkari Pranayama 10 to 12 times.

Try Vata naashak mudra to make teeth healthy.

vat nashak asan You can do Vata Nashak Mudra anywhere and anytime. With the help of this mudra, you can get rid of the problems related to teeth, as well as by doing this mudra, the fatigue of your body goes away in minutes. Let us know how to do this mudra.

How to do Vata Nashak Mudra:

Teeth Healthy
  • To do this yoga, first, you have to bend the index and middle finger.
  • By turning the finger, you take it to the palm and join it with the palm.
  • Now place the thumb on top of the fingers. Do not press on the finger, make a mudra with a light hand.
  • You have to keep the other two fingers straight. Now you have come to Vata destroying posture.
  • After making the posture of the hands, sit up straight and do this posture for 10 to 15 minutes.
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Try Sheetali Pranayama to make teeth healthy
sheetali yoga

Sheetali means cool or cool. By doing Sheetali Pranayama, coolness reaches the whole body. Sheetali Pranayama is also considered healthy for the teeth. You can do this pranayama 10 to 15 times daily.

How to do Sheetali Pranayama:

Teeth Healthy
  • First of all, sit comfortably on the ground in the posture of Sukhasana.
  • Take out the tongue.
  • Raise both the sides of the tongue and roll it.
  • Breathe in through the mouth and release it through the nose.
  • You repeat this pranayama 10 times.

Try Sarvangasana to make teeth healthy
yoga for oral health

Due to the growth of bacteria in the mouth, tooth decay starts, for this problem you should do Sarvangasana. Tooth decay, gum disease can be avoided by doing this yoga. You may have difficulty in doing Sarvangasana in the beginning, but gradually with practice, this yoga will become easy. If you are doing this asana for the first time, then do it for a few seconds, in the beginning, then increase the time according to the capacity.

How to do Sarvangasana:

Teeth Healthy
  • First of all, lie down straight on the mat or on the back.
  • You have to raise your feet up towards the sky or the ceiling.
  • Slowly raise the hips and then the waist upwards.
  • You have to bear the weight of your body on your shoulders.
  • Use hands to support the back.
  • While doing this pose, you have to keep breathing and exhaling.
  • Hold this pose for as long as you can.
  • After that slowly come back to normal posture.

Try Apan Mudra to make teeth healthy
apan mudra

You can do Apana Mudra by sitting in the posture of meditation or by staying in any pose, for this the posture of the hands is more important than the posture of the body. The problem of teeth is removed by doing Apana Mudra. Acid is formed in the teeth, due to which the teeth begin to deteriorate, if you have such a problem in your teeth too, then try this yoga with treatment.

How to do Apana Mudra:

Teeth Healthy

To do Apana Mudra, sit comfortably in the meditation posture.
Apana mudra is very easy, for this keep the hands on the knees.
Join the middle finger and thumb and give pressure.
During this, meditate and keep the other two fingers straight.
You have to do this mudra for 15 to 30 minutes.

Why is yoga beneficial for teeth? (Benefits of yoga for teeth)

  • By doing yoga, problems like pyorrhea in teeth, pain in gums, etc. can be avoided.
  • Some people have a disease related to the jaw, which we call TMJ disorder, in which one jaw is not in the right position with the other, yoga is also beneficial for them.
  • Do yoga to get rid of the habit of grinding teeth.
  • Yoga reduces stress and reducing stress will keep teeth healthy because taking stress affects oral health.
  • Yoga is also beneficial for people who have pain in teeth or gums, if you cannot go to the dentist immediately, then try yoga asanas.
  • Saliva or saliva present in the mouth protects the tooth from bacteria. When there is less saliva, bacteria multiply and dental diseases start to occur. You should do yoga for the salivary gland to function properly.
  • Yoga is beneficial for oral health, but treatment is also necessary if there is dental disease, so if there is a slight problem in the teeth, go to the doctor immediately.

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