Increase your immune system like this by staying at home

Increase your immune system

In this corona period, if your immune system is strong, then you too can beat the coronavirus. Coronavirus affects you more only when your immune system is weak. That is why it is very important to strengthen your immune system.
When all of us are in our homes because of the lockdown. So we should take advantage of this opportunity and increase our immunity.

Now all of you must be thinking that how you are able to strengthen your immune system that too by staying at home, so let us tell you how by staying at home you can prepare your body to fight against corona-

First of all, let’s start with the decoction of Tulsi. As soon as you wake up in the morning, first, make a decoction of Tulsi and start drinking it, if Tulsi leaves are not available, then nowadays bring Panch Tulsi to extract to any medicine shop and consume few drops of it mixed with lukewarm water. This increases the immunity of the disease.

Eat protein-rich diet

After this, include plenty of protein in breakfast, our body gets L-Arginine amino acid from protein, which helps in generating helper T-cells in our body. These T-cells give energy to the cells that increase our immunity. For protein, you can take lentils, eggs, sprouts, and paneer.

Sit in the sun

Sunshine also gives you strength. So spend some time in the sun. Sunlight works to give energy to T-cells that help fight infections present in our body.

Do meditation

Apart from eating and drinking, you can also strengthen your immune system through meditation. Meditation calms our minds. The production of happy hormones increases. These hormones help other cells of our body to release stress, and it is easier for the immune cells to recognize the body parts affected by the virus. Also, immune cells are able to attack that virus with full power. So take the time to do meditation.

Get the most of sleep

If you take stress-free sleep, then the immune system also gets stronger. Sleep helps our body in the distribution of immune cells. During sleep, it becomes easier for our immune system to find the site of infection and reach the immune cells there. Then these immune cells work to eliminate those viruses.

Do exercise

It has been proved in many types of research that people who exercise 5-6 days a week do not have any health-related problems. Exercise boosts our body’s immunity system and makes blood cells (WBC) faster. These blood cells work to kill the virus that has reached the body.

Meaning if you are at home then work to increase your immune system. Apart from this, add turmeric to milk and consume it daily. The immunity is also better than this. Keep drinking lukewarm water.

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