Try These 20 Super Effective Weight Loss And Slimming Tips And See The Results

Weight Loss And Slimming Tips

Losing weight and being slim is not an easy task. For this, along with diet exercise, you also have to take care of some things. Slimming rules have to be made a part of your lifestyle. This will not only reduce your weight but will also make weight management easier.

Increase the intake of protein:

Protein increases the metabolic level of the body, due to which your body starts burning calories faster despite eating fat. This reduces the weight. All pulses, dry fruits, beans, green leafy vegetables. Soyabean, curd, fish, egg, etc. are good sources of protein.

Reduce Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are also of two types – complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates have a low glycemic index, which is good for health. If you want to reduce obesity then use them. It is found in whole grains, pulses, oats, jowar, etc. Simple carbohydrates have a high glycemic index. Which cause diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. So avoid them. It is found in pasta, flour, bread, rice, sugar, etc.

Fiber is also important:

Fiber reduces obesity and also reduces bad cholesterol. By consuming it, you feel full of stomach soon. In this way, you eat fewer calories. So make sure to include fiber in your diet. It is included in oatmeal, beans, peas, fruits, etc.

Exercise 30 to 60 minutes daily:

If you are short of time and you are not able to take out 30 to 60 minutes at a time, then divide the exercise into three parts of 10-10 minutes and whenever there is a gap of 10 minutes. If you have time, do the exercises immediately.

Drink a lot of water:

Water keeps your metabolism level right and it also gives a feeling of fullness. Drink a glass of water half an hour before having a meal. Even eating less than this will make you feel full. Drink lukewarm water. This improves metabolism and burns extra calories.

Make sure to eat 3 meals a day including a healthy breakfast:

If you skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then you will feel more hungry and you will eat more snacks than necessary, which will work to increase your weight. So don’t skip any miles. Also, keep eating something or the other every two hours, due to this the metabolism is also fine.

Keep the focus on vegetables and fruits:

Include fruits, such as apples, bananas, strawberries, etc. in your breakfast. Eat fruit salad or eat fruit yogurt ie yogurt mixed with fruit. If you are eating a sandwich, then add a lot of vegetables to it and if upma is your choice then add less Rava and more vegetables to it. If you eat something sweet, such as cornflakes, oatmeal, or porridge in breakfast, then add a lot of fruits to it.

Keep an eye on the weight:

Regularly checking the weight will let you know how successful efforts are being made to maintain the weight. Not only this, if the weight has increased due to a little carelessness, then before it increases further, efforts can be started to control it. So it would be better to keep checking the weight regularly.

Do not keep ready-to-eat foods in the house:

Whenever we are under stress, we are sitting in leisure or we are bored, then we do not want to eat ready-to-eat high fat or high-calorie food, such as namkeen, samosas. Kachori, biscuits, cakes, etc. are eaten. To avoid this, it would be better that you stop keeping ready-to-eat and other such comfort food in your house.

Eat healthy food first:

Whenever you eat food, eat healthy things first, such as salad, curd, sprouts, vegetables etc. Only then eat your favorite food. It will be beneficial that when you are eating high-calorie food, by then your appetite will have reduced and you will eat it in less quantity.

Be Active:

Whether you are packing your children’s toys, drying clothes, playing outside with the children, asking a colleague in the office, going to their seat, or taking a print to the printer, do not miss any opportunity to be active. Keep doing things that keep yourself active. This also burns calories and makes it easier to keep the weight under control.

Keep making changes in exercise:

Do not do the same type of exercise every day, make changes in it. Jogging for two days and swimming for two days. Do aerobics, cycling, or yoga for a day in between, then dance or play outdoor games for a day. This will not only give variation in exercise but will also keep the enthusiasm to exercise.

Avoid stress:

Whenever we are under stress, we keep on eating something or the other. So as soon as you feel that you are feeling stressed, drink a glass of water immediately and exercise, take deep breaths, adopt muscle relaxation techniques or read funny books to get rid of stress. This will divert your attention from eating and you will be saved from eating unnecessary calories.

Eat outside food only once a week:

Make a rule that no matter what happens, you will eat less outside food. Nowadays the trend of eating in hotels and restaurants has increased a lot. This not only increases the weight, it can also lead to other health problems. Therefore, as far as possible, eat home-cooked food. If eating out is your compulsion, then decide what and how much to eat.

Start the day with high fiber breakfast:

 Never skip breakfast in the morning and keep in mind that your breakfast should be such, in which the amount of fiber is high. You can eat porridge, cornflakes, oatmeal, brown bread sandwich, the chilla, or any other fiber-rich breakfast.

Keep healthy snacks with you:

If you have a habit of eating something or the other, then keep healthy snacks in the bag, but eat them in limited quantity. Fruit, Whole Wheat Low Sugar Biscuit, Vegetable Sandwich, Dry Fruits, Murmura-Chana, etc. This will save you from eating fussy food.

Take ten minutes for a walk: 

Get up early in the morning and walk for 10 minutes. If you are working, a 10-minute walk after eating at lunchtime will keep you energized. Even in the evening, 10 minutes time can be taken out for the walk. It is also a good idea to take a slow walk before sleeping.

Learn to control cravings:

 Many times there is no appetite, just the desire to eat something. There is a craving for spicy food. If this happens to you too, then divert your attention. Dance by turning on the music, focus on managing your wardrobe, or do whatever you like. With this, you will not even remember the hunger.

Reward yourself: 

Losing weight is not easy, but if you have lost weight with your willpower and efforts, then reward yourself for it. Celebrate with friends or gift yourself that cute dress you couldn’t buy because of your weight gain. This will work as motivation for you.

Eat food on time: 

It is a bit difficult, yet try that the time of every meal is fixed. Especially make it a habit to have dinner two hours before bedtime. Late night dinner leads to weight gain.

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