International Yoga Day 2021: Know how these 4 asanas will give relief to women in period pain

International Yoga Day 2021

International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June all over the world. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to make people aware of yoga, to tell them what are the benefits of doing yoga, what benefits our body can get from doing yoga etc. Therefore, on this day many programs are organized all over the world, so that people’s interest in yoga can be increased. Yoga helps to keep both our body and mind healthy. There are many yogasanas, by which we get relief in many types of problems. In such a situation, people do these yogasanas. At the same time, during the Corona period, yoga has been seen with great benefit. But do you know that there are some yogasanas, which also help women to get relief from pain during periods? If not, then let’s know about these yogasanas.

Marjari seat

In this posture, you have to bend forward and turn backward. By doing this the spine gets a good stretch. Apart from this, it also works to provide relief in back pain, back pain, and neck pain. Therefore, this asana is considered quite right for women during periods.

Butterfly seat

Butterfly posture, also known as butterfly posture. Women get benefits by doing this asana. In this, you have to sit with your legs spread in front. During this, keep the spine straight, bend the knees and then move both the legs towards the pelvis. Then with the help of both hands, hold your feet tightly. Try to get Andy close enough to the genitals. Take long and deep breaths and then while exhaling apply pressure on the knees and thighs towards the ground. After this, just as a butterfly moves its wings up and down, you have to move both your legs up and down. During this, gradually increase the movement of the legs and inhale then exhale. By doing it slowly in the beginning, you will get more benefit by increasing its practice later.


In this, you have to sit on the mat with the support of your knee and keep both hands on the hip. Keep in mind that the knees should be parallel to the shoulders and the soles of the feet should be towards the sky. At the same time, while breathing, stretch the spine and keep sitting without putting pressure on the neck. In this position, keep breathing for a while. Then while exhaling, come to your starting position. After this, bring the hands back to your waist and straighten up.


In this, you have to do that first of all, spread your feet on the ground and sit down, as well as keep the hands next to the body. Then bend the right leg at the knee and place it under the right hip. Similarly, bring the left foot under the left buttock. The heel has to be kept in such a way that the big toes of the foot cannot cross each other. Keep both the hands on the knees and during this keep your spine absolutely straight and then close the eyes. In this position you have to sit for five to ten minutes.

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